Film Databases

imdb US, everything
crew-united german film branch
Branch index
BB filmcommision regional film branche Film, Funk and Fernsehen branch index german german
OFDB german
Mediabiz-Jobs german
Kino-Zeit Branchenbuch german
Mediacity Berlin Germany
crew4you tv and film jobs, Germany
Inside Kino Top-Ten

Sounds prof., with costs search engine
Kortwich Filmtonarchiv with costs, CDs, DVDs
BBC Sound Archive frei, nicht kommerziell

Audacity: free audio editor
BWFManager free splitter & combiner
Audioease some tools, i.e. Snapper, with costs
BWF Timecoder a.o. tools with costs
BWAV Reader, Writer, Lister, with costs
Boomrecorder multi-track recording on Computer, with costs
FCP Aux TC Reader: changes LTC in TC for Final Cut Pro, with costs
FreeFileSync: Files & folder synchronization & comparising
Adobe Enhance Voice: Adobe Enhance Voice

Useful stuff Funkfrequenzen DVB-T in Berlin
Frequenzen in Germany
Internationaler Frequenzfinder (Sennheiser)
European Frequencies
Lectrosonics Frequency Tables
Checking Frequency Compatibility (Audiotechnika)
Carbon Copy Cloner Mac BackUp Utility
VLC media player free video player
free Office Suite for Mac
Calculation of time delay Time difference and sound path (distance or length)
List of Timecode / Audio INs For Popular Cameras
The World in Stereo: Sound Effects Recording Techniques
www.local695-magazine The Modern Sound Crew requierements
Film Sound Equipment
Kortwich Film-Ton-Technik, Berlin
Ambient, Munich
Sounddevice, USA (producer)
Schoeps Mikrofone Germany (producer)
Sennheiser Mikrofone Germany (producer)
Neumann Mikrofone Germany (producer)
Cinela OSIX Microphon suspension
PSC: Professional Sound Corporation
USA (producer)
Sonosax Mixer & Recorder, Switzerland (producer)

Hawkwoods power suply and distribution (producer)
Victorinox Swiss Tool tool box on the belt (producer)

Nicolai Equipment microphone wind shields (producer)
Windfell microphone wind shields (producer)
Gutmann microphone wind shields (producer) Power distribution and batteries for sound (producer)
Ultrasync ONE Small wireless sync buddies (producer)
Tentacle Sync Smallest lightweight sync buddies from Germany (producer)

Grace Design Spacebars, monitor controlers, instrument & microphone preamps (producer)
seldom DVD's

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